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Les articles de la rubrique "Ecotourism"
Saül is already nearly 100 years old. The village sprang up due to gold mining, but intends to outlive it. It lies at the geographical centre of French Guiana, where a knot of springs give rise to three of the great rivers of country – the Mana, the Inini, and...
Sunday29 January2012
By Marc Gayot

French Guiana’s coastline is over 300 kilometres long and made up primarily of all but inaccessible virgin mangrove forests, with the exception of a few rocky outcrops which have been built on, such as the Cayenne Peninsula and the estuary of the River Kourou. The rivers flow into the Atlantic...
Sunday22 January2012
By Conservatoire du littoral de Guyane - Conception graphique Sylvétude ONF