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Les articles avec pour mots-clés "Nature reserve"
“The world is our house", Jérôme Nadal, one of the first companions of the founder of the Company of Jesus, Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556), is said to have declared. The Jesuit missionaries were faithful to this principle and accompanied European colonial expansion. By the first half of the sixteenth century...
Sunday25 March2012
AMAZONIA 2009 – protected areas and indigenous territories Compiled and edited by: the Amazonian Network for Geographical Socio-Economic Information (RAISG) The "Amazonia 2009" map is the first work produced by the Amazonian Network for Geographical Socio-Economic Information (RAISG), a grouping of various governmental research institutions and civil society organisations in Brazil, Peru,...
Sunday25 March2012
The Cayenne peninsular is a geological exception on the Amazonian coast, as it is one of the rare rocky outcrops to be found between the estuaries of the Amazon and the Orinoco. Its wonderful landscapes with their sandy beaches and stony hills are both flamboyant and well-suited to the context....
Sunday5 February2012
By Mathieu Entraygues

Saül is already nearly 100 years old. The village sprang up due to gold mining, but intends to outlive it. It lies at the geographical centre of French Guiana, where a knot of springs give rise to three of the great rivers of country – the Mana, the Inini, and...
Sunday29 January2012
By Marc Gayot