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 - July 2020
Les articles et actus du magazine
Par la rédaction

My grandfather told the story of Tulupele, the giant caterpillar. The Wayana and the Apalaï wanted to go to rock Asimiliku, but whenever one of them left he was said to be a dead man, as nobody ever came back. Whenever anyone approached the place, a Macaw would cry “kalalan kalalan”...
Thursday1 November2012
Par la rédaction

This is the first time I have ever felt the cold in Guiana. At an altitude of 2,800 metres the first rays of the sun just barely warm our layers of winter clothing. Mount Roraima allows us to contemplate its kingdom for a few moments, the Guiana Highlands of Venezuela....
Monday9 April2012
By Pierre-Olivier Jay / Remerciements à Laurence Jay & Elio Sanoja

“Each minute that goes by only strengthens my determination to escape, despite all the possible dangers. We are too young and too full of determination to allow our future to be irremediably barred. Entertaining any hopes here is pure fantasy." G. Tomel, Les évadés de la Guyane, 1899. Breakout The first convoy...
Monday9 April2012
By Denis Lamaison

Cayenne fishmarket. Snapper: 6 euros 50. “Are you the one who caught it, or did you buy it?" The seller hesitates before answering: "I bought it. From Cogumer.” Cogumer and Abchée are the two companies with which the Venezuelan fishermen have contracts. They buy their snappers for between 2.80 and 3 dollars for...
Monday9 April2012
By C. Aubinais et Mathilde Bachelet

Hugo El loco Wikileaks reveals the astounding and unexpected information that liberal democracies do not like Hugo Chávez! Alvaro Uribe, the former Colombian President, compared him to Hitler, whilst Jean-David Lévitte, a diplomatic adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy, said the Venezuelan president was "mad". The expert was right. You have to be completely...
Monday9 April2012
By Denis Lamaison

Whilst man has not yet settled the question to his satisfaction, for the howler monkey it is clearly essence which precedes existence. The character and innermost nature of the red howler are as they are, and it is a placid monkey. We like to think that we have a certain degree...
Monday9 April2012
By Tanguy DEVILLE et Guillaume FEUILLET

Overfishing: worldwide depletion of fish stocks Pessimistic models predict a catastrophic drop in stocks. After a period of strong growth after the Second World War, fish production has stagnated around the 90 million tonne mark over the past fifteen or so years, and this despite technological progress and research into new stocks...
Monday9 April2012
By Fabian Blanchard (Ifremer Guyane) et du CRPMEM Guyane.

At the break of dawn, and amidst many multicoloured wooden two-mast tapouilles facing the Mahury, we get on board the launch to Grand Connétable island nature reserve. Today we are going to visit the largest marine nature reserve in France's overseas territories. In the days of sailing ships this island stood...
Monday9 April2012
By Antoine Hauselmann, conservateur de la RN du Grand Connétable