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Les articles de la rubrique "Books"
The author brings the reader into a delicate world of seduction, deceit, incest, and homosexuality, exploring everything which society leaves unsaid. Neither overly crude nor excessively allusive, this book offers a nuanced exploration of the games of love in what is ultimately a satire of Creole society.
Saturday31 March2012
By Françoise James Ousénie LOE-MIE

This book presents French Guiana as seen from the Brazilian perspective. By drawing on extracts from books and speeches, this work traces the historical roots of Brazil’s view of French Guiana, and all its current economic and political issues. What the author has to say can be surprising on some...
Saturday31 March2012
By Gérard POLICE

A detective story set in the heart of the Amazonian forest and filled with twists and turns. The plane which Max Vernet, the head of the Amazon Gold mine, was on has crashed on a routine flight. Was it an accident or murder? Detective Abel Simna leads the investigation for...
Saturday31 March2012

Combining diagnosis, interviews, and her own experience, the author tells about her life as a school psychologist tending to the pupils along the Maroni river. The book presents an unedited account of what they have to say, revealing the difficulties encountered by the pupils along the river who attend schools...
Saturday31 March2012
By Elisabeth GODON

This comic consisting of hyperrealistic drawings plunges the reader into the hellish world of the prisons in French Guiana in the early twentieth century, where convicts would do anything to try to escape. Will the prison wardens manage to put a stop to their plans? Read it to find out....
Saturday31 March2012
By Jean-Yves DELITTE

Originally intended for canoe-enthusiasts, this guide offers a whole host of information about nature and the way of life of the inhabitants who live along the banks of the Maroni. It also includes practical information about getting to your destination, as well as many detailed maps.
Saturday31 March2012
Par la rédaction

This fine book takes a new look at mammals in French Guiana. Many ancient engravings illustrate scientific information and comments by leading naturalists such as Buffon and Cuvier enrich add to the quality of this work.
Saturday31 March2012

An indispensable travel guide with a large number of illustrations telling you (almost) everything there is to know about tourism, culture, and nature in French Guiana. It also suggests a variety of ideas for outings and weekend trips.
Saturday31 March2012
By Philippe BORE

Alunawalé is both an illustrated tale and an informative leaflet about nature in French Guiana and the Amerindian cultures. It was produced by the Sylvétude ONF Guyane team based on an original idea by Dominique Petit-Virollet, and is illustrated by Jean-Pierre Penez.
Saturday31 March2012
By Sylvétude Guyane