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 - October 2020
Les articles et actus du magazine EXTRAS
The French National Forestry Office (ONF) is a public agency. As part of its sustainable management of public forests it draws up forest management plans covering a 20 to 30 year timespan for each forest. The usage management plans are based on the latest knowledge of the natural environment (based...
Monday14 January2013
Par la rédaction

Par la rédaction

Landscape archaeology combines various ways of studying the environment and apprehends the natural habitat as a territory that has been populated, transformed, and farmed according to the specific needs of its inhabitants. It studies the relationship between man and his environment so as to better understand the way ancient communities...
Wednesday17 October2012
By Lydie Clerc Université Paris 1 / CNRS

The settlement of the Guianas started in the Paleo-Indian period, although there is no direct archaeological proof making it possible to specify exactly when this took place. The climate conditions were drier and human groups lived in a landscape made up of dense humid forest on the higher land, dry...
Sunday8 April2012
By Matthieu Hildebrand, Eric Gassies / Carte M. Hildebrand / Infographie Atelier Aymara

French Guiana has many culinary delights. There is nothing new there. But do you know the history of dizé milé or dry smoking? There is a practical information sheet about each ingredient in the French Guianese culinary tradition, classified by category, with a description, history, uses, and information about technical...
Saturday31 March2012
Par la rédaction

All the cliches about French Guiana are there – the large bird-eating spiders in the classrooms, the big new 4x4s, the solitude, and many more besides. Maurine, an “expat” teacher living in French Guiana with her three children tells the story of her daily adventures to the man she loves,...
Saturday31 March2012
By Carmen Dégenétais

Since 2002 the CNRS, the French public research organisation, has worked hard to add to scientific knowledge about French Guiana, in both the natural and human sciences. Its discoveries are presented in this large-format, richly illustrated book that was partly written by the researchers themselves. The general public will finally...
Saturday31 March2012
By Alain Pavé et Gaëlle Fornet

Tooy, a Saramaka captain from Cayenne, evokes all the thoughts, hopes, and imaginings of Surinamese immigrants in French Guiana. But more deeply than that, this book by the famous American anthropologist Richard Price, a specialist in Maroon cultures, is almost an existential work. The tale of Tooy allows him to...
Saturday31 March2012
By Richard Price

There are few books offering such a complete overview of the sea fish of French Guiana. There are information sheets about 363 species enabling the reader to identify the fish in question and know where to find them. An index of scientific and common names means it is easy to...
Saturday31 March2012
By Marc Léopold