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Les articles de la rubrique "Space"
Baikonur. 21st century. 7.30am. Daybreak was well over an hour ago, though the sun is as red as at sunset. Together with his fellow Europeans, Rémy, a Frenchman, is getting ready to leave their hotel, the Sputnik. The Gazelle, a heavily laden little truck that will take them to work,...
Monday9 April2012
The nature park at the CSG is French Guiana in miniature The grounds of the Guiana Space Centre (CSG, Centre Spatial Guyanais) extend from Kourou in the West across to Sinnamary in the East, covering an area of about 70,000 hectares. In addition to its space-related activity, this is also an...
Sunday25 March2012
Par la rédaction

A coast subject to influence Though it is not part of the drainage basin of the Amazon, the Guiana Shield region and especially its coastal strip are still influenced by the king of rivers - the Amazon. Even before landing in Cayenne, with your nose stuck against the plane window you...
Sunday29 January2012
By M. Parizot – P.O. Jay – R. Goeury – G. Debarros Images CNES/Distribution Spot Image / Traitement SEAS Guyane

Remote sensing techniques used to save the Amazonian environment The situation in Amazonia and the urgent need to work with reliable environmental information have made it necessary for scientific research and sustainable development to be able to draw on cutting-edge tools. The Development Research Institute (IRD, Institut de Recherche pour le...
Sunday29 January2012
By Jean-Marie Fotsing, directeur du centre IRD de Cayenne , Laurence Besançon