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Les articles de la rubrique "Society"
“Watch over your brothers and let them settle" Elia Kazan, America America Emigrating and immigrating is a four-stage process: leaving, crossing the border, then entering and, finally, moving around. It is an adventure with a large number of determinants (be they political, economic, family-related, or environmental) and one that can be...
Sunday14 October2012
By Par Fréderic Piantoni

THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR PETROL The lofty desire to stop emitting CO2 as part of our fight against climate change has stimulated research into and development of renewable energy sources. The predominant yet implicit issue here is that oil will become rarer and rarer. Each oil well undergoes a...
Sunday14 October2012
By Nathalie Ndoung (ADEME), Pierre Courtiade (ADEME), M. Roche (ADEME), Sebastien Bourgeois (Cr-Eole), F. Farrugia (Voltalia Guyane)

Hugo El loco Wikileaks reveals the astounding and unexpected information that liberal democracies do not like Hugo Chávez! Alvaro Uribe, the former Colombian President, compared him to Hitler, whilst Jean-David Lévitte, a diplomatic adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy, said the Venezuelan president was "mad". The expert was right. You have to be completely...
Monday9 April2012
By Denis Lamaison

9 April 2012 0
For a long while the oil* buried deep beneath the ocean bed seemed to be impossible to exploit for two main reasons: firstly because existing technologies did not make it possible to drill 3,000 metres beneath sea level, and secondly because it was difficult to see how these deposits could...
Monday9 April2012
By Hadrien Le Texier & Manuel Parizot

8 April 2012 0
The tale of a few grams of gold and how it passes from a covert placer mine to Brazil through the informal economy before ending up in a jewellers’ via legal channels. Since the early 2000s the price of gold on international markets has shot up. The price of the precious...
Sunday8 April2012
By Romain Taravella & Laurent Marot.

In May 2010, new thermal regulations will come into force for buildings in the French Overseas Departments. All new dwellings will have to comply with specific architectural and technical criteria, the aim being to encourage the development of more comfortable dwellings that consume less energy. These criteria derive from what...
Sunday25 March2012
Bigi Pan is a protected area on the border with Guyana that is known for the socio-economic value it has for its inhabitants. Bigi Pan covers 130,000 hectares, with an equal portion of land and marine zones. It is classified as a Category VI Protected Area according to the criteria...
Sunday25 March2012
The past few years have seen both the persistent exploitation of Amazonian resources, and several initiatives for an ecological and socially responsible form of development. Whilst the outcomes of these projects do not always live up to expectations given the enormous economic stakes in the region, they can nevertheless serve...
Sunday25 March2012
By Stéphanie Mariaccia avec l'aide des travaux de Alain Ruellan

After having been to Kenya (2007) and India (2004), the World Social Forum was back in Brazil for 2009, the country where it was held for the very first time in 2001. Hosted by Belém’s two universities, in the state of Para, this gathering of anti-globalisation campaigners was rooted in...
Sunday19 February2012
By Flacher, Utopia / Pauline Lavaud - France Libertés - Fondation Danielle Mitterrand / Sailesh Gya / Sailesh Gya / Daphné Borel