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Les articles de la rubrique "Gold mining report"
"Few industries have prospered so rapidly as alluvial gold dredging; whilst twenty-odd years ago there were only a few rudimentary attempts, it is now a prosperous industry contributing each day to global gold production" A. Bordeaux, 1908. "Dredging is certainly one of the most serious and most interesting industrial experiments to have...
Sunday8 April2012
By Pierre Rostan, Bureau d’Études Géologiques TETHYS

What environmental impact does it have ? How can sites be regenerated ? French Guiana has considerable gold potential. The discovery of gold around 1850 resulted in a "gold rush" lasting nearly a century with intense gold mining activity across much of the territory. And then the "gold fever" subsided. But since the...
Sunday8 April2012
By Alain Coppel (ONF), Stephane Guitet (ONF) , Olivier Brunaux (ONF), Eudoxie Jantet (Atelier Aymara), Delphine Miau (CAEX GEO), Nicolas Miramond (DIREN).

8 April 2012 0
The tale of a few grams of gold and how it passes from a covert placer mine to Brazil through the informal economy before ending up in a jewellers’ via legal channels. Since the early 2000s the price of gold on international markets has shot up. The price of the precious...
Sunday8 April2012
By Romain Taravella & Laurent Marot.