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Les articles de la rubrique "Ecotourism"
French Guiana has a special place in the French national imagination. It is seen as a coveted yet hostile land which saw off early attempts to colonise it. Or a land of exile to which France dispatched its many various undesirables and opponents, lying at the end of a horrendous...
Thursday10 January2013
Par la rédaction

Perhaps you have already noticed the colourful mobiles levitating above Rorota. But who are the people who, come the weekend, enjoy the beach 300 metres up in the air? A paraglider flight starts in the office. Every pilot has their own set of signals. If the neighbour's mango tree waves gently...
Monday9 April2012
By Jonas Kill-Nielsen

Five of us, all novices, had set off up the Sinnamary accompanied by an Amazonian guide to learn about angling for wolf fish. We met up at the Petit Saut damn and placed our tin drums, rods, and supplies into the pirogue to set off for the Saut Takari Tante. To...
Sunday8 April2012
By Christelle Delgrange et Christian Roudgé

In French Guiana, some cattle farmers find that the best way to look keep up with their herds is not in fact in a 4x4. This is why you can still see "vaqueros" the savannahs of French Guiana, rounding up their cattle on horseback. Such is the case at the Césarée...
Sunday25 March2012
By Agathe Catoire

“The world is our house", Jérôme Nadal, one of the first companions of the founder of the Company of Jesus, Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556), is said to have declared. The Jesuit missionaries were faithful to this principle and accompanied European colonial expansion. By the first half of the sixteenth century...
Sunday25 March2012
An international eco-label The Ramsar Convention on wetlands is an intergovernmental treaty that was adopted on 2 February 1971 at Ramsar in Iran. It now concerns over 160 countries, including France which signed up in 1986. The Ramsar Convention works to conserve the various habitats (rivers, lakes, coastal lagoons, mangrove forests,...
Sunday19 February2012
By Mathieu Entraygues

Day 1 Five years later and we are back at Rochambeau airport ready for a second expedition. Two helicopter trips take our team of six adventurers and two guides to Mont Chauve. From the sky we quickly spot that what used to be virgin forest a few years ago now looks...
Sunday19 February2012
The Cayenne peninsular is a geological exception on the Amazonian coast, as it is one of the rare rocky outcrops to be found between the estuaries of the Amazon and the Orinoco. Its wonderful landscapes with their sandy beaches and stony hills are both flamboyant and well-suited to the context....
Sunday5 February2012
By Mathieu Entraygues

Oyapock is an Amerindian name and one that is redolent of adventure. It well suits this account of the journey up the river where everything changed the moment we passed the Saut Maripa. But let's start at the beginning. My first night, in a hammock, was spent at Chacara do Rona,...
Sunday5 February2012
By Philippe Gilabert