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Les articles de la rubrique "Ecology"
The French National Forestry Office (ONF) is a public agency. As part of its sustainable management of public forests it draws up forest management plans covering a 20 to 30 year timespan for each forest. The usage management plans are based on the latest knowledge of the natural environment (based...
Monday14 January2013
Par la rédaction

Overfishing: worldwide depletion of fish stocks Pessimistic models predict a catastrophic drop in stocks. After a period of strong growth after the Second World War, fish production has stagnated around the 90 million tonne mark over the past fifteen or so years, and this despite technological progress and research into new stocks...
Monday9 April2012
By Fabian Blanchard (Ifremer Guyane) et du CRPMEM Guyane.

What environmental impact does it have ? How can sites be regenerated ? French Guiana has considerable gold potential. The discovery of gold around 1850 resulted in a "gold rush" lasting nearly a century with intense gold mining activity across much of the territory. And then the "gold fever" subsided. But since the...
Sunday8 April2012
By Alain Coppel (ONF), Stephane Guitet (ONF) , Olivier Brunaux (ONF), Eudoxie Jantet (Atelier Aymara), Delphine Miau (CAEX GEO), Nicolas Miramond (DIREN).

Bigi Pan is a protected area on the border with Guyana that is known for the socio-economic value it has for its inhabitants. Bigi Pan covers 130,000 hectares, with an equal portion of land and marine zones. It is classified as a Category VI Protected Area according to the criteria...
Sunday25 March2012
AMAZONIA 2009 – protected areas and indigenous territories Compiled and edited by: the Amazonian Network for Geographical Socio-Economic Information (RAISG) The "Amazonia 2009" map is the first work produced by the Amazonian Network for Geographical Socio-Economic Information (RAISG), a grouping of various governmental research institutions and civil society organisations in Brazil, Peru,...
Sunday25 March2012
What is the current state of knowledge about the role the Forest of French Guiana plays in the carbon cycle? Climate change in French Guiana Planetary warming is a reality and scientific fact. Meteorological data from measuring stations show this, and French Guiana is no exception. Météo France has confirmed that the...
Sunday19 February2012
By D.Bonal - INRA, L.Blanc - CIRAD, J.Demenois - ONF International

A coast subject to influence Though it is not part of the drainage basin of the Amazon, the Guiana Shield region and especially its coastal strip are still influenced by the king of rivers - the Amazon. Even before landing in Cayenne, with your nose stuck against the plane window you...
Sunday29 January2012
By M. Parizot – P.O. Jay – R. Goeury – G. Debarros Images CNES/Distribution Spot Image / Traitement SEAS Guyane

107mm in 24 hours. That is the enormous quantity of water that fell on Cayenne on 17 January last. That gives an idea of how appropriate the adjective ‘humid’ is when describing the tropical climate of French, where average annual rainfall is between 1700mm in the North East and 3800mm...
Sunday29 January2012
By Manuel Parizot, Kevin Pineau