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Les articles de la rubrique "Biodiversity"
At the break of dawn, and amidst many multicoloured wooden two-mast tapouilles facing the Mahury, we get on board the launch to Grand Connétable island nature reserve. Today we are going to visit the largest marine nature reserve in France's overseas territories. In the days of sailing ships this island stood...
Monday9 April2012
By Antoine Hauselmann, conservateur de la RN du Grand Connétable

Marine biodiversity issues at stake With 11 million square kilometres of territorial waters, France has the second largest maritime area in the world, spread over four different oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific, Southern, and Indian oceans. 97% of these waters are associated with overseas territories, half of which is in French Polynesia. There is...
Monday9 April2012
By Marion Brichet (Agence des Aires Marines Protégées)

“It took us just over two hours to reach the summit,” shouts Nicolas as the helicopter blades disappear in a growing roar. Nicolas, the Ecology Officer with the Amazon Park of French Guiana, emerges above the boxes, tin drums, and backpacks piled up in the cockpit around us with a...
Sunday8 April2012
By Pierre-Olivier Jay & Lise Landrin.

The nature park at the CSG is French Guiana in miniature The grounds of the Guiana Space Centre (CSG, Centre Spatial Guyanais) extend from Kourou in the West across to Sinnamary in the East, covering an area of about 70,000 hectares. In addition to its space-related activity, this is also an...
Sunday25 March2012
In the late eighteenth century the chiefs of the Aluku and Boni tribes at the head of a small group of Maroon slaves left the region of the Cottica River east of Paramaribo to take refuge on the Maroni. Around 1791 they founded their first villages upstream of this series of...
Sunday19 February2012
By Sébastien Linarès

The slopes of higher ground between the coastal plains of the Amazon and the Orinoco are home to one of the last areas of primal forest along the coastal strip. Mont Grand Matoury (234 metres) in French Guiana rises up above the plain and attracts the gaze of those living...
Sunday5 February2012
By Bertrand Goguillon - Conservateur de la Réserve Naturelle du Mont Grand Matoury, Office National des Forêts Jeanne da Silveira, Mairie de Matoury

29 January 2012 0
A nature reserve encloses a space with a remarkable natural heritage (an original natural environment, the habitat of a rare plant or animal species, or the presence of geological or archaeological sites). Reserves make it possible to protect this heritage thanks to their particularly stringent legal framework. The running of...
Sunday29 January2012
By Guilhem Debarros