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 - September 2020
Les articles et actus du magazine ARTICLE
The French National Forestry Office (ONF) is a public agency. As part of its sustainable management of public forests it draws up forest management plans covering a 20 to 30 year timespan for each forest. The usage management plans are based on the latest knowledge of the natural environment (based...
Monday14 January2013
Par la rédaction

French Guiana has a special place in the French national imagination. It is seen as a coveted yet hostile land which saw off early attempts to colonise it. Or a land of exile to which France dispatched its many various undesirables and opponents, lying at the end of a horrendous...
Thursday10 January2013
Par la rédaction

My grandfather told the story of Tulupele, the giant caterpillar. The Wayana and the Apalaï wanted to go to rock Asimiliku, but whenever one of them left he was said to be a dead man, as nobody ever came back. Whenever anyone approached the place, a Macaw would cry “kalalan kalalan”...
Thursday1 November2012
Par la rédaction

A long time ago when all the animals in the forest were friends, they used to get together to talk. Jaguar and Giant Anteater were among the animals. One day Jaguar asked Giant Anteater: "Tell me, Giant Anteater my friend, what do you normally eat? What do you have for your meal?" Giant...
Monday22 October2012
By Jean-Albert Hilaire

“Watch over your brothers and let them settle" Elia Kazan, America America Emigrating and immigrating is a four-stage process: leaving, crossing the border, then entering and, finally, moving around. It is an adventure with a large number of determinants (be they political, economic, family-related, or environmental) and one that can be...
Sunday14 October2012
By Par Fréderic Piantoni

Only a few minutes from the centre of Paramaribo is one of the beating hearts of Javanese culture. It has been there since the first Javanese migrants came across 120 years ago this year. Today there are over 70,000 Javanese who, to the sound of great festivities, are remembering their...
Sunday14 October2012
THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR PETROL The lofty desire to stop emitting CO2 as part of our fight against climate change has stimulated research into and development of renewable energy sources. The predominant yet implicit issue here is that oil will become rarer and rarer. Each oil well undergoes a...
Sunday14 October2012
By Nathalie Ndoung (ADEME), Pierre Courtiade (ADEME), M. Roche (ADEME), Sebastien Bourgeois (Cr-Eole), F. Farrugia (Voltalia Guyane)

This is the first time I have ever felt the cold in Guiana. At an altitude of 2,800 metres the first rays of the sun just barely warm our layers of winter clothing. Mount Roraima allows us to contemplate its kingdom for a few moments, the Guiana Highlands of Venezuela....
Monday9 April2012
By Pierre-Olivier Jay / Remerciements à Laurence Jay & Elio Sanoja

“Each minute that goes by only strengthens my determination to escape, despite all the possible dangers. We are too young and too full of determination to allow our future to be irremediably barred. Entertaining any hopes here is pure fantasy." G. Tomel, Les évadés de la Guyane, 1899. Breakout The first convoy...
Monday9 April2012
By Denis Lamaison