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Eudoxie JANTET Eudoxie JANTET
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Baikonur. 21st century. 7.30am. Daybreak was well over an hour ago, though the sun is as red as at sunset. Together with his fellow Europeans, Rémy, a Frenchman, is getting ready to leave their hotel, the Sputnik. The Gazelle, a heavily laden little truck that will take them to work,...
Monday9 April2012
The nature park at the CSG is French Guiana in miniature The grounds of the Guiana Space Centre (CSG, Centre Spatial Guyanais) extend from Kourou in the West across to Sinnamary in the East, covering an area of about 70,000 hectares. In addition to its space-related activity, this is also an...
Sunday25 March2012
Bigi Pan is a protected area on the border with Guyana that is known for the socio-economic value it has for its inhabitants. Bigi Pan covers 130,000 hectares, with an equal portion of land and marine zones. It is classified as a Category VI Protected Area according to the criteria...
Sunday25 March2012
Imagine a fly giving a human being a lesson about life. Imagine the Earth complaining. What message would it give us? The fables and poems that go to make up this work, as told by birds, vegetarians, car drivers, and leatherback turtles, show that we all have a role to...
Sunday19 February2012
Day 1 Five years later and we are back at Rochambeau airport ready for a second expedition. Two helicopter trips take our team of six adventurers and two guides to Mont Chauve. From the sky we quickly spot that what used to be virgin forest a few years ago now looks...
Sunday19 February2012